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5 people injured when chairlift in Sugarloaf derails

CARRABASSETT VALLEY, Maine – Today, at approximately 10:30am, the Spillway East Chairlift experienced a rope derailment. At this time, we have 5 injured guests with one of the injuries believed to be serious.

All available mountain safety personel are at the scene. The injured parties have been taken off the mountain. Additionally, the remaining guests on the lift are being evacuated now.

As of now, the cause of the incident is still unknown and is under investigation.

The Spillway East chair is A 2 passenger monocable fixed grip chair manufactured and installed by Borvig in 1975. This lift was modified in 1983. Spillway East is 4,013 feet long with a vertical of 1,454 feet. This chair moves at a speed of 500 feet per minute and the chairs are 50 feet apart. Their are 162 chairs on this lift each weighing 140lbs. Spillway East has a 250 horsepower motor and has a capacity for 1,200 skiers per hour. The Spillway Chairs run parallel up the Spillway trail. Spillway East runs to the top of the Sluice Headwall and you can access all terrain below the Spillway X-Cut.

The chairlift receives routine daily inspections for safety. Additionally, the chairlift receives weekly, monthly and yearly maintenance and testing. The lift is also inspected annually for it’s safety from the State of Board of Elevator and Tramway Safety.

Sugarloaf Mountain and it’s employees are concerned for the people involved and the safety of all of the Mountain’s guests.

Sugarloaf Mountain intends to issue updates as required.

 Reporter: Ram-Brand
Catégorie: Ropeway incidents
Date: 29/12/2010 18:01:36