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  70-AT Galzigbahn

General information  
Place St. Anton am Arlberg 
resort Ski Arlberg 
Region Tyrol 
Name of lift Galzigbahn 
Type 70-AT 
Lift manufacturer Waagner Biro 
Year of construction 1964 
Commissioning date ?? 
Date of closing down 01/05/06 
Date of pull down 02/05/06 

Infos for handicapped persons
Sorry, no information available.

Cabs were exchanged several times. Since the beginning of the 21st century the claims on such an important feeder where no longer sufficient. Because of this the aerial tramway in 2006 was replaced by a Funitel. A gondola is standing in St. Anton behind the warehouse of Franz Bouvier. Where the otherone is, or whether it is not known still exists. The lift was scrapped down after disassembly except of the gondolas.

geometric data  
Height of valley station 1318 m
Height of mountain station 2086 m
Vertical rise 768 m
Route distance 2592 m
Horizontal length ?? m
Average incline 31,40 %
Largest incline 56,50 %
Number of pillars 3 Stk
Greatest spanwidth ?? m
Max ground clearance ?? m
Trackwidth drive ?? m
Trackwidth line ?? m
Trackwidth return ?? m
Angle of wrap (drive wheel) ?? °
Drive altitude of site ?? m
Maximum capacity 600 Pers/h
Travel time 5,5 min
Driving speed line 10,0 m/s
Speed on towers ?? m/s

electrical data  
Electrical control Siemens 
Remote control and telemonitoring system ?? 
Power control system ?? 
Number of drive ?? Stk
Drive power (Start) ?? kW
Drive power (Operation) ?? kW
Brake power ?? kW
Continuous brake power ?? kW
Driving station Mountain station 
Drive type ?? 
Traction of drive ?? 
Emergency drive ?? 
Traction of emergency drive ?? 

cabins data  
Grip type ?? 
Cab manufacturer Swoboda 
Cab model ?? 
Heater no 
Aircon no 
Persons per cab 70 
Number of cabs 2 Stk
Carriage Operator yes 

rope data  
Rope manufacturer ?? 
Length of carrying rope ?? m
Length of traction rope ?? m
Length of counter-rope ?? m
Total weight of carrying rope ?? t
Total weight of traction rope ?? t
Total weight of counter-rope ?? t
Carrying rope diameter ?? mm
Traction rope diameter ?? mm
Counter-rope diameter ?? mm
Nominal strength of carrying rope ?? N/mm²
Nominal strength of traction rope ?? N/mm²
Nominal strength of counter-rope ?? N/mm²
Breaking strength of carrying rope ?? kN
Breaking strength of traction rope ?? kN
Breaking strength of counter-rope ?? kN
Tensionstation carryingrope ?? 
Tensionstation tractionrope ?? 
Tension type ?? 
Tension way ?? m

miscellaneous data  
Transport uphill 100 %
Transport downhill 100 %
Construction costs ?? 
Currency (Construction costs) ?? 
Construction period ?? months
Seasontime ❄ ☀ all-season 
xxxx hier text hin xxxx ?? 
Moving platform yes 
Evacuation ropeway no 
Integrated rescue system ?? 
Asset number (Trail map) ?? 

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Datas: 18/10/15

14260 visit(s) since 15/08/03
Last visit 12/08/22

Lift-ID: 473
Place-ID: 288